Pros to Going Paperless

  • Ash Marton
  • 25th March 2020
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We’re (slowly but surely) working towards leaving paper behind and moving all document processes online.Why? Great question!

Transferring documents online rather than physically handing them around saves so much valuable time! An email can be sent in minutes but mailing documents or even walking them around the office is not as timely. We’d rather be spending our time in more valuable ways.

Ditching the printer and physical paper storage systems opens up so much room in the office! With this you can store higher priority goods or even just give your space a sleeker look which we are all about.

Storing documents in password protected online systems rather than physical boxes increases security dramatically. You’re able to easily decrease risk of confidential information being leaked and thus the trust your clients have in you.

However, we’re genuinely in this for the environment. As a company we are constantly looking for more ways we can increase our sustainability. Eliminating paper usage in the office will further decrease our carbon footprint. More specifically we’re saving water, trees, pollution, and the effects of transportation.

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