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  • Ash Marton
  • 1st May 2020
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The Real Estate climate is changing, and we are too. As a result of the current global circumstances, we’re doing things a little bit differently at Ash Marton Realty. We’ve moved sales online, taking full advantage of the plethora of innovative technologies available to continue creating a memorable experience for our clients.

A South Australian investor was able to buy completely online, purchasing 5 Bordeaux Court, Frankston from the comfort of her living room. Nancy had never stepped foot in the property, virtually inspecting and navigating the buying process with the guidance of agent Ash Marton.

A lot can happen in 24 hours…

Our investor found and purchased the property within a 24 hour period, working quickly through the virtual buying process. One of the major advantages of purchasing online is efficiency. As a result voiding meeting and travel time that traditionally go into purchasing a house, buying can be done within hours. No traffic, no appointments, no delays.

Virtually business as usual…

Our 3D inspection technology was instrumental in ensuring Nancy was able to confidently purchase her property without physically entering the premises. The virtual inspection process allows potential buyers to go through the property room by room at their own pace, getting a genuine feel of the space. She also had the option to virtually furnish and renovate the property.

When it came to signing contracts, Nancy trialled our new website and digital offer platform. This allowed her to read and sign all important documents without leaving her interstate living room.


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