Is Print Advertising Really Obscelete?

  • Ash Marton
  • 5th April 2020
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It’s no secret that the world moves more online by the minute. Digital Marketing is the industry’s current favourite buzz word, but is it really as important as it is made out to be? Is print marketing the next victim of cancel culture?

Real Estate websites like Realestate.com and Domain have taken over the advertising game.

Despite this, we still have clients opt to spend big on print advertising. Which beckons the question, is print advertising a thing of the past or still worth the investment?

According to Appnet, 100% of purchasers look online for real estate opportunities, proving the vendor optimal exposure. In comparison, 6.9% sift through the paper in hopes of finding their dream home. Utilising both platforms increases your chances of finding that perfect purchaser, however, is it really worth the extra splash?

From our experience in real estate, the campaigns that integrated print advertising are successful, however equally successful as those employing exclusively digital methods.

So while how you sell is your choice, we suggest you redirect the money your spending on print advertising to a more impactful marketing solution. Maybe a digital tour or an increased social media spend?

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