The Benefits of Hot-Desking

  • Ash Marton
  • 10th March 2020
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While building our new lifestyle office, creating a space that facilitated hot-desking was a large priority. We were determined to create a workplace that encouraged moving around the office and sharing workspaces. Although this isn’t a largely common practise in corporate offices, we knew it would be beneficial for our employees, and here’s why…


  1. Hot-desking promotes a collaborative working style. This has coaxed our employees to more deeply discuss their work with colleagues, allowing for shared problem solving, exchanging of strategies and further relationship building. We’ve seen our team working together more often so that obstacles are tackled more efficiently and there’s a large sense of office comradery.
  2. Although each team member has a base space, to keep all their things and take ownership of, more often than not they’re not there. We usually find our team members spread out through our outdoor office space rather than at their ‘own’ desk. Because they’re constantly moving around the office, they’re taking all their important things with them which means there is way less mess! Our office has never looked cleaner.
  3. Each team member has more control over their day, they get to work where they want and move around as they seem fit. It allows them to work in the way that works best for them, so they’re way more productive and enthusiastic.
  4. It increases consideration among our team. With our team members constantly crossing paths while they’re moving around or working in new areas, they gain a better understanding of the working style and workload of their fellow colleagues. As a result, they can better understand when there are delays in task completion or their colleague asks for some space to get work done. Understanding = consideration.


Although the concept of hot-desking was a large change for our team, they’ve adapted enthusiastically and couldn’t imagine the workspace without it.

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