Life in Our New Office

  • Ash Marton
  • 28th February 2020
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Life in Our New Office

Today marks the end of our second week in our new Lifestyle Office. As you can imagine there have been a few teething issues, but overall, it has been a dream! Here’s why….

  • We are completely surrounded by trees both inside and out of our office space. Trees are proven to decrease stress levels and boost your mood which doesn’t go unappreciated in the fast-paced world of Real Estate. More trees = happier employees. 
  • Every office has a generous supply of natural light, facilitated by plenty of windows! Increase in exposure to natural light is proven to boost Vitamin D levels and even increase sleep quality.
  • The increase of shared spaces and areas to work away from your desk has increased the ability of our team to work collaboratively and freely. We’re moving around more and sharing valuable ideas.
  • Ash was able to generate a space with the understanding of how our team works, structuring our office around our habits. Through this, he was able to create more than just a place of work, but a place we want to work. 
  • We are able to truly create a memorable experience for our clients, by taking offers under the trees and making them feel at home. 

Our new office has amplified the Ash Marton Realty experience for both team members and clients. We can’t wait to continue growing in this space.

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