Stacey Kennedy

Leasing Department Manager

Stacey is an enthusiastic and passionate contributor to the Ash Marton Realty leasing team. With over 6 years of local property management experience Stacey has developed and refined a raft of personal as well as professional skills. Her ability to liaise with all clientele in a friendly and professional manner has set her service apart and enables her to enjoy continued success in her career.

Stacey prides herself on providing prompt & reliable information to current and potential landlords. Her area of expertise extends beyond the managing of leasing and tenancy arrangements to providing up-to date and evidenced advice on investment properties, the rental market, occupancy rates, tenancy retainment and rental return maximising strategies.

Our intention at Ash Marton Realty is to best assist each and every client to the best of our ability. Stacey’s approach to her work is synonymous with this orientation and is evident through her honesty, straight forward nature and her ability to assess and assist the unique situation of every landlord.

We are excited for Stacey to continue to breathe fresh air and change to this industry and we invite you to experience her commitment to professionalism and service first-hand. Please submit your rental enquiries to Stacey today!

“Ash Marton Realty attempts to exceed the standard of service that is provided in the real estate industry. The ambition to be the best at something that is worthy of celebration fuels my own passion to provide the best service possible” Stacey Cox

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